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rain. temperatures? mild. 53 degrees in san francisco. and 57 degrees in oakland. and a chilly 40 degrees in santa rosa. 52 degrees through the livermore valley. where should only see about 60s. antioch is one of the places where we will see 70's. mid-60s for the east bayshore. and along the coast in the north bay we are expecting 71 degrees in santa rosa. 69 degrees for san rafeal. if you're going to go to the giants? we should seek not intermittent or temperate weather into later tonight. with rainfall chances later, but let us go back to marty. >> let us to--talk about the giants facing off the 4:37 with the st. louis cardinals. mike pelton is live at mccuvey's it is very popular for giants fans. >> good morning, marty. ibm @ walnut creek and they are ready to go. you can see i am in walnut creek -- they are about one hour away from opening. the seating is in the shape of a small at&t park. the giants return home tonight as they face a must victory the no. 6. the cardinals, advance to the world series with the wind tonight. if san francisco has a victory? they will have a game
people in and out of san francisco there will be extra buses and trains. for a complete listing please check our web site @ kron4 .com. >> there will be tens of thousands of people with cameras and smart phones. shi am i down here at marina green. this opens a 8:00 a.m. to the public and of course it is free. this will show you how the military will respond to a certain period you can see here that some of the trucks are in the way. you can get a perfect spot taxi the ships at 11:00 a.m. the air show starts at 12:30 p.m.. a lot of people are expected to come off and i foul one family who arrived here is 6:00 a.m.. they brought a griot and the family out. we got a little nervous because of the american cup and the jazz festival. we decided to get here early but we are quite early. you can see some of the military people showing up here. if you cannot get out here to see this then you can go on our web site to watch it. it will be busy and officials are telling me to let you know that there is not a lot of parking out here. take a bus, what, take a skateboard. chiche>> will be bringing y
extendd forecast. details on that, coming up. >> san francisco investigators are looking for two men after one and try to run over a police officer. ch shots rang out-- presidio on lincoln. they spotted a suspect that was trying to break into a parked vehicle. and once that officer and suspect were in each other's vision the suspect tried to run over the officer. these two black men are said to have been driving a light blue buick. >> this 2011 subaru out back. has an idaho license plate. on your screen. and da lin this is the first, side and hercules and about two years and a very mysterious murder. >> there was a candlelight vigil. she was a retired schoolteacher. 55 year-old susie ko which was home alone. >> and le else to do. >> issue is your well liked in the east bay a former president of the chinese association of hercules. police say a neighbor is inside of a pool of blood inside of her home. her husband called the neighbor to check on her after he did not see her at the airport. >> i kept calling her. i was at the airport. i called 10- 15 times. >> the victim died from a traumatic
for livermore. downtown san francisco will be in the low 70's and in a mixed bag of zero power 70's for the north bay.70's for the north ba >> the giants are preparing for game 3. here they are arriving in detroit. kron 4 j.r. stone followed the giants and how they're getting ready for game 3. >> the giants have arrived. they are now in detroit a.k.a. the d. the giants manager stated that his team is ready and fans in detroit stated that they are tired of this giants squad. >> it has been a tough couple of days. >> when you think of paul blololaolo no comment. >> do you think this panda guy is pretty good? tic >> yes he is good. >> we are going to win one game and there will win another game and then a another one. we will win three straight in detroit. chich >> i was able to find a couple of--i will come to sampras's go to see the n onesan francisco--i do hope that you have a great stake here. >ay here. >> a few people are starting their morning jogging around the park. the lights at at&t park shut off and the park shutdown as a series shift to the west. the giants only need two mo
in downtown san francisco. for now we are heading back over to marty. >> some oakland police officers are facing disciplinary charges. they are accused of being unprofessional. some of these officers may be fired but the chief stated that to appeal. >> if it is found that an officer was doing this we will hold him accountable. this: has imposed . if there is no change in a recommendation the department will will ford by imposing bed and discipline. >> the vessel hit a rock on friday night and forced water into the boat. we would like to turn to our reporter might who is at pier 39 this morning. >> this suddenly a nice morning here at pier 39. this bold is called the neptune and it was selling around the bay. about 22 people were on the boat just having a good time and it caused a 1 ft.-into the boat and a lot of water came on board. the coast guard was nearby and he was able to in blankets and they are pretty cold. the boat was brought back to pier 39 and then it was taken away. most of these people come out on the water every day and they do not have issues. the coast guard was in th
. upper 60s expected for downtown san francisco. change is coming with showers. i will tell you when but let us go back to marty. >> that is it a greek- nothing lead for the giants. >> -three great--3-nothing. many people say that it is a done deal. game no. 4 what is in detroit tonight. it will be on a jumbo kron @ civic center plaza in downtown san francisco and it is alcohol-free. mayor ed lee is encouraging fans to wear orange and black. and also giants flags will be displayed for spirit. the first pitch tonight at 5:07 j. r. stone. >> what do you know, 3-0 and we could see a sweep and a could happen at comerica part in detroit. i spoke with the players and they are still pretty modest. how difficult was to get here. >> we have to try to catch lightning in a bottle to make it this far. i got that " from berkeley. and we have been taught at the right time. and if we in get this one way or another. >> it is very fitting that we are in this position. it is our style of play, apparently. we are up 3-0 cannot ask for much more. >> many of the giants fans have passed to each other can
. it is also going to be warmer. with upper 50s. if the eight in san francisco. but 50s and concord. 53 degrees in santa rosa and the livermore valley that is going to be getting to the low 80s. and to the east bay with a decent antioch. 70's for the south bay. and low mid 70's for the east bayshore. and it is going to be nice with the 79 degrees in napa. 77 degrees in santa rosa. paid 70's in santa rosa and your full forecast with some pretty hot tubs. first, and is going back to marty. >> giants fans are getting on their game face. it is game no. 1 between the giants and the st. louis cardinals. just after 5:00 p.m. after at&t park. and they put on the finishing touches to the field from the paint to the outdoor cross. everything is ready to go. we heard just waiting for the players with the outdoor-grass-- >> and also, mike pelton. the countdown begins. but giants fever. we are opening up the fall will clear out. it will be the first time the giants returned to at&t park with a comeback against the cincinnati reds. they will play the st. louis cardinals. just one game away from the world ser
of september. in san francisco san mateo and marin it was only 3500 jobs that were lost. the unemployment rate did godown in september and it was 10.6% back in august. >> coming up next on kron 4 news we will have the giants highlights from the game last night and now the they are back home we will have all the highlights coming up. in the meantime let's take a look outsid >> it will take m i would say ts still take the bay bridge. these are drivers and thoughts about the san mateo bridge being closed this weekend and next weekend. >> ithe bridge is scheduled open at 5:00 a.m. on monday. >> let's take a look outside at the conditions on the san mateo bridge. the bridge completely is shut down and now here is the latest for our our forecast. >> i the sun is burning through. the temperatures will be pretty breezy. we do have rain headed our way and i would tell you about said in a few minutes. we will have periods of rain and may be held by it will be 70 degrees for former area. it is 62 degrees expected for half moon moon bay.--satellr shows that will air will be coming in. cool air will be com
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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